Monday, December 26, 2011

An Idea of a Perspective

Last weekend I spent half of my day with one of my childhood friends who is also one of my bestfriends. When she asked me to accompany her, soon I assumed that there was something happened to her. Besides, I noticed that in the past couple of days she kept posting Facebook status which were all gloomy and sad. Always mentioning about being strong and all that kind, so clearly those meant that I needed to talk to her or at least console her. Hence, I said yes to her invitation.
We went out with our other friends, singing crazily in the karaoke, laughed too much, and finally had a lovely late dinner. We had fun and I believe she did too. Afterwards, I thought the fun probably had eased her sadness a little bit, so I asked her about what actually had happened. She explained that it was something between her and her "no-strings-attached" boyfriend, whom I happened to meet just couple of times. Long story short, the guy, that she's been close to for about a year, suddenly disappeared and was always busy when she reached him, somehow. Within days, she found out that the guy, yet again somehow, had times to have dinner with his ex. She told me then that what bumped her the most was not because he preferred to be with another girl, but actually the fact that he didn't tell her anything about it and he didn't even make any effort to explain it to her. She was sad and... confused. I imagine. I mean, come on! A year is NOT a short term of time. There must have been feelings, connections, or chemistry between them that at least might trigger his sense of humanity or decency to put a clear air and finish them with maturity, but he simply did not, she said.

She explained briefly and I just remained silent, because I was thinking. This was obviously not the first time I heard about this kind of story and I am pretty sure it isn't your first either. Too many people have encountered this kind of situation, directly or not. So what happen actually? Does it mean that this world has filled with too many bad people? Or wait... I should've asked you all these first. Does he a bad guy? Do all the people who did it should be called and tagged as the BAD PEOPLE?

To me, all those same stories I heard over and over again made me come to the thought that there is NO BAD GUY in this world. There's no such person. It is solely just the matter of your PERSPECTIVE. The perspective of the situation itself. The way you see it in a different way and manner. It shouldn't matter why it happen or even who does it to you, but what you can see behind it should be the matter.  Well, it is said that everything happens for a reason, isn't it? Thus, I believe that everybody is basically a nice person and deserve all the good things in his/her life. When tough problems try very had to drag you down through a person's action or way of treating towards you, think clearly that there are millions of reasons behind them, so you may be able to not blame anyone, especially yourself and get a better outcome from them. It doesn't necessarily mean you just surrender and let everybody else do such things to you. You just dignify the actions maturely with a whole other way that you may take a lesson from in the future. That it happens to you because it is meant to be, because God speaks through His strangely working universe. You probably don't realize it now, but you will. In a mere time. 

Here is another thing. Every each of us wants to be happy and will try to do anything to make ourselves happy. That's a common knowledge. However, there are also situations when we want others to be happy and will try to do anything to make them happy. That's when love and care involve. Therefore, if you really care those persons, if you really love them, you will try anything, insanely anything to make them happy regardless what they do to you, like heartily letting them go and still praying for their happiness. Well, let's just say that it is YOUR WAY to pursue your own happiness. Strange, but that's how I believe universe works.

Good luck pursuing your happiness, my fellow God's creatures and may we all be blessed and get what we deserve.  Cheers!

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