Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my mom and dad

Two weeks ago, as of Feb 11th 2009, our family celebrated my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary…WOW, 30 years of being together. My parents have been through so many rocky roads and they are still like when they were just married (at least that’s what they told me…hahhahahaa! Of course I do believe them. They’re my parents after all). The funniest thing of the night was that my father gave my mom a pair of home – made slipper which he found accidentally on our way back home after looking over my sister’s wedding venue as the ANNIVERSARY GIFT and what came more surprisingly was that those cost only IDR 3000/pair. What a laugh! However, my mom was very happy either way, because she always knows… and we all do that my father never do even give gifts, so those were still meant something to her. We enjoyed the occasion with great foods and lots of laugh at our own 20-year-old warm house.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary, Mama! Papa! I love you both so deeply much. Thank you for always loving each other which has been making our house as a truly home for us.

The 3000 rupiah/pair home - made slipper