Friday, March 25, 2011

To the memories of my late aunt, Sila Said

My deepest sorry for missing so many moments together. My deepest sorry for letting you down so many times when you needed me. My deepest sorry for no proper farewell between us. 

This saturday, March 26, 2011 will be the 40th day of your commemoration. My warm hug and salutation for you, my dearest aunt.

                                May you rest in peace

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sementara by Float

Sementara teduhlah hatiku
Tidak lagi jauh
Belum saatnya kau jatuh
Sementara ingat lagi mimpi
Juga janji janji
Jangan kau ingkari lagi

Percayalah hati lebih dari ini
Pernah kita lalui
Jangan henti disini

Sementara lupakanlah rindu
Sadarlah hatiku hanya ada kau dan aku
Dan sementara akan kukarang cerita
Tentang mimpi jadi nyata
Untuk asa kita ber dua

Percayalah hati lebih dari ini
Pernah kita lalui
Takkan lagi kita mesti jauh melangkah
Nikmatilah lara
Jangan henti disini 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conversation of Life and Love: 2nd part

Life: To me, to live means to put effort on what you want to get or achieve. What does it mean to you, Love?
Love: I do also agree with you, Life. But in my case, sometimes effort isn't really necessary. The importance is that we trust that there's God who may always put you on the best direction, though it is crappy and so, so amazingly unbelievable. That you think why it happens to you. Or why this "joke" is just getting too much. 
It is effortless...
So yes, you simply need to SURRENDER. To God, to the universe. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Freedom of Captivity

Secret. Silent. Lonesome. Timeless. Confusion. Stupidity. Addiction. Self - destruction. Painful happiness. Dying laugh. Sweet relinquish. 
Hello hell, it's so damn nice to finally meet you!