Sunday, April 22, 2012

Until That Day...

I am not gonna be faithful to you, but I am gonna be faithful to what I believe in... And I believe in finding a way or even making a way if you think there's no way at all.
Maybe I wasn't born as a struggler, but once I am sure enough, I am gonna struggle willingly to my very most.
I can't offer you anything, but the security and fight against the world together
I have nothing to hide. Nothing to pretend.
I feel what I want to feel. I say what I need to say.
The only thing I ask is just simply take me as I am. Nothing more.
And until that time comes to you to know, I am gonna hold on to this honest and genuine love.
So for now, I am gonna be fine, just fine.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Uncomplicated Bliss of Being in Love with Life

So it's official. I am entering another quarter part of my life, Inshallah, and I believe I can't thank Allah enough for all the bless He has given me so far. I am humbly saying that these past 25 years have been truly miraculous. The road has definitely never been that smooth, but I can't either ask for a better one, because through all these years, I have been being blessed with a lot of stories and experiences, especially in the past three and half years with the presence of others. There are some people who came to my life, some took part in my story and few even left some deep and unerasable strokes, but they all have successfully made it so colorful, full of tears yet of genuine happiness. And yesterday, when I woke up in the morning, I realized that it wasn't only the day I aged, but also the day that I was entering another level of living, which is all about trying to give and believing. When you get something in return, then it's just a bonus for you. Perhaps it sounds too positive and clichè, but the truth is the more age I got, the more fight and faith are required to just live day by day, because you are not alone in this world. Because there are these people, like your family, or your friends, or those random persons you meet, who come to your life with various purposes. Only God knows the real purpose of every each of their presence, but for what I believe now, they are there as God's way to show His greatness, His magnanimity. Hence, you are always told to just surrender and keep believing in His love, for He is the only One who knows what's best for you. So, what we need to do next for acknowledging those persons is simply giving and believing. You try to give them every inch of you as your way to appreciate their existence and you believe that the institution you have with them is something to fight and have faith for. Like in the Murphy's Law that says, "If anything may go wrong, it will go wrong". Same thing happens with your relationship with them, but you can't just ditch them away from your life. So when something goes wrong, you fix it, or at least you try your best to fix it. This is when the struggle is needed and you have to be as strong as possible, but at the end, you don't work alone. There is God and you don't need to work ahead of Him, so this is when the faith is required. Eventhough you don't see anything yet, just trust Him, think positive of Him, and keep praying. If the result isn't like what you expect, at least you have tried. Well, people say that what doesn't kill, makes stronger instead, don't they? Thus, when you come out of the mess alive, you have nothing but a big pile of genuine happiness. Not only for yourself, because you have simply put your effort, but also for all of them who make your life is worth fighting and having faith for. So I thank you and I wish you well, always and forever. This is definitely something that I wanna remember.
At last, I am proudly saying that I am in love with my life :D

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Letter to Tuhan (part 4)

My dear God, here I am again, bowing to Your Greatness.
Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. Please give me the strength to always, always surrender.
There is no better place to share and... to pray but to You.