Sunday, December 2, 2007

Why it has to be Available...

Once my friend asked me, "Why did you take available as a name of your blog?". Then he continued, "Does it mean you're available to every man out there?". His question made me laughing a lot. Never been happened in my mind that available means my single status. I would say I'm quite pathetic if I meant to be so.

So, why it has to be Available...???. That friend questioned me again. I answered, "Well, I just wanted to make it a bit different. Besides, the name is quite like a rhyme for me."
However, it is not rhyme the real rhyme, like.....Money tastes like Honey, for example. Available and Amelia....A-vai-la-ble...A-me-li-A. Both have a's. The la comes along with the li, and the ble can come along with the me, if I may say. I told him again, "I hope you can get my mind about the rhyme I mean....

For additional, I take the name to mention that it's an available room for me to play after watching, listening, and talking. This would be the place for me to play things I want to play only.

Therefore, Let's Play!!!!