Saturday, April 16, 2011

sooner or later

This afternoon, I had a nice 'myself' time before class in the evening. Sitting alone at the lake side at my campus, the breeze nicely kept coming, and fortunately I had music as a warm companion. You should try it sometimes, guys! It was so relaxing, especially if you just had a pretty rough night battling with your own thought the day before. Hehehe :)

Well, honestly saying (I know that this may sound so clichè to you, but believe me! I felt it!), this 'myself' time made me thinking that problems in life are just inevitable. I believe that none of us has no problem in life. It just comes along with your life. You definitely never like the situation, but there's nothing you can do, except dealing with it. In some cases, it even takes quite some times for you to get out of it, but eventually... Someday, it will be over. Perhaps you need to cry until your tears run dry, you need to scream until you lose your voice, you need to fight until you bleed or even are dying, but it's gonna be over. Sooner or later. I am not telling you to hope that everything is gonna be okay, because hoping may kill you (seriously!). I am just telling you to believe it. At the end, you're gonna get out of this serial killer... Alive! Surely wounded, but still... Alive!
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