Friday, December 18, 2009

Italia, 2004 (1a Parte)

Thinking of writing something about my experience when I was in Italy, but I know I don't have much time now, so I just uploaded this photo. This is when I was in Ivrea, Piedmont (Piemonte, in italian) after getting the second place on a photography competition. I decided to do a traditional dance, so I brought all the stuff and then... there I was, with the two photos I took that had brought me to Ivrea and of course, dressed in Indonesian traditional dancing costume =)

The L.A.M.B.

While I was working on my internship report or laporan magang in bahasa few days ago, I found a good short form of its name. The L.A.M.B. or... Laporan Akhir Magang B....... (Fill in the blank as your mood mode). It could be "bagus", or "baik", or "bermakna", but anytime my relationship with it gets worse, my mood gets worse too and surely you know I can make that B... into something even "better"... hahahhahaha. Yeah, whatever!
Well, well, well. I just need to put a little bit more strength to finish this hard-to-bite lamb chop. Forza!

at 23.14 pm at home and still finishing the final report