Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Berceritalah pada Dunia, maka Dunia pun akan bercerita padamu

"Tell the world and the world will tell you"
I actually forgot when or where I heard the quote, but somehow when I was listening to the Kings of Convenience album - Declaration of Dependence (have you got it? If you haven't then you should. No, you must! As usual their album is an irresistible peaceful offer to your mind and heart), the quote came again to me and made me realized that I wanted to share some of my 'stories' to the world. That way the world give me other 'stories' in reply... Or at least, that's what I believe.

So, here is my story for today...
Have I told you I am currently studying at college (again) now? Well, let me explain you first a bit about the educational system I'm going through.
When I graduated from high school, I decided to take this diploma program of Financial Accounting at University of Indonesia. In Indonesia, we have this kind of college program, because once we graduate from high school, which is taken for 3 years, we don't get a diploma certificate like other countries in Europe or in America. It is just a high school certificate and for getting the diploma certificate, it usually take 3 years (except me... hehehe. It took me almost 5 years to finish it. Gosh, Accounting was, is, and will always be too much for me!!! Besides, I took also a semester of break. So there you go, I have my reason ^^ ). Then, for this diploma certificate holder like me, in order to get a bachelor degree I have to take another program. It is called Extension Program. I need to take other two and half years for this extension program. Actually, I really hope to finish it in just two years. That way, I don't spend too many years of my age with studying only.

Anyway, so the program has been going on for almost 3 months and then one day, my mom asked me about whether I enjoy it or not. I answered her quickly that I REALLY AM ENJOYING IT. I told her that mostly it is because somehow I end up having this great new friendship with these guys, Mohammad Andika Alfarisi (Dika or Simba, as I always call him) and Adhel Rusd. Of course, there is also Muhammad Iqbal, who has always been there since the very beginning (thank you, dude!). However, her question just made me realized that how short the time I had with them, yet I already felt that I was totally comfort with them. If I may tell you all... We literally go everywhere together. Even Iqbal announced that he opened this faculty called "Fakultas Kehidupan" or in English, "Faculty of Life" and the faculty runs when we all four go out and have fun. We go for karaoke (very often), go to the cinema and watch some movies consequently, hang out at 7 11 for some coffee or hot chocolate (which Dika likes very much because it really can make him high. He doesn't need alcohol or hash or even drugs to make him so. All he need is just a very sweet hot chocolate. We all call it "the chocolate high", like the song from India.Arie), sleep over at Dika's (who live with his grandmother). Well, for summary, we are very comfort with each other and I, myself, think that I am not that easy person to open to new people or community this fast. I'd need some times to observe and explore if I were in the situation, but I guess it doesn't happen to me when it comes to Iqbal, Adhel, and Dika. I really could not have enjoyed the college this much if there hadn't been them around. In fact, I had never really enjoyed college life like this much before.

So there you go boys... I dedicated this entry for you three. Iqbal, my partner in crime and my solid grip (especially when I am not sober, in any kind of way. You know what I mean, right bal? ^^) . Simba, my so-called little brother, who always bring bunch of sweetness that the group needs, especially Iqbal. And the last is... Adhel, my fun "lover" (*wink wink ;-P ), who just re - started his "life" when he met us (So actually, his life stopped going when he still was in the middle school. Fortunately, he met us and now he is already on his way to catch up with the real "life". Well, we kinda help him a bit... hehehe). Thank you guys... Really!