Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dreams of the year

New Year...
New Dreams need to be fulfilled...
I'd made some and believe that God will help me finding the way to achieve long as I keep struggling and fighting.

These are my objectives of the year:
1. Graduating from college
2. Traveling abroad at least once
3. Finding out what I want to do in the future for living

Hopefully by the end of this year, those will be already accomplished...Crossing my fingers!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Can I just sleep all day long???

Well, well, well!!! Yesterday was my first day of the internship I'll do till' the next 5 months. It was soooo......confusing rather than exciting. I felt so ...empty and blank. Really didn't know what to do! And even today, as my second day I didn't really expect to be soooo...sleepy! God, I am really in a shitty situation. I wish I could escape at once!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What will happen tomorrow???

When the 1st of January 2009 is almost finished, I can't help but wonder...
What will happen to me tomorrow? and the next day? as well as the day after that day? or next month? Wow, I put curiosity inside my head, but why? Simply just because I've decided this year will be better than next year and I will become a more humble person. Achievements are what I'm definitely going to catch and I'm ready for anything.

A note on the 1st day of 2009

On my bed at 01:57 am WIB time (00:07 GMT)

When I decided to start writing again, I was thinking of what I should put down and perhaps nothing is better than acknowledge the 2008 which has just gone away, because through the whole year I experienced more than I imagined. A lot more... It seems to me that God was too generous to me and life had never been this extravagant. I see 2008 as my year. A year of learning, of ultimate happiness and maximum sadness... A year so extraordinary and yet tasteful! So special.

I perceive 2008 as a chance to go to Thailand for the first time and meet some wonderful new friends, as my last year of devoting for Student Senate FEUI after heartily being committed for almost 2 years, as the first and last experience of being a campaign manager and understanding that politics is tremendously f**king s**t!, as one lifetime experience of traveling around Spain, Morocco, Italy for nearly 3 months and being stolen for more than 800 euro in cash even my damn passport (I cried a lot this moment. It's like I used up all my tears), and my year of coming back to my second home in Sardegna Italy.

To conclude it all, now I understand that I need to compromise with life and also to believe that dreams are what I suppose to build before every single step I want to take.

And just like that, I am starting this new year with breathe and smile.

*Courtesy of SM FEUI 2007/2008 (3rd photo)
*Courtesy of Rizki Nauli Siregar (4th photo)

- CUIC in Bangkok, Thailand -

- with Maite in A Coruna, Spain -

- Student Senate FEUI 2007/2008 -

- Campaigning -

- Arbatax, Sardegna -