Sunday, December 26, 2010

Between Cinta, Rasa, or... Drama

When you don't know if it is right or wrong when you're with him, but you know that you wanna be with him all the time? What is it? Cinta, Rasa, or Drama?
When you're extremely jealous with his boyfriends or girlfriends that he spends much more time with them than with you and even make you imagining the most ridicilous things ever? What is it? Cinta, Rasa, or Drama?
When he seems very ordinary to you, yet his absence can make u down and low? What is it? Cinta, Rasa, or Drama?
When he never actually shake your heart to the core, but you can never put your attention off of your cellphones, expecting his call or text? What is it? Cinta, Rasa, or Drama?

Well, actually I don't know what exactly it is, but probably if I were you, I'd say that it's just a Drama. Why? Because people love making drama in their lives and these situations  are just some of the circumstances that they can use as excuses to make drama of drooling or drowning or such. People become fools when they fall in love simply because they make a drama out of it. Once my friend said that this life is just so simple and I guess so is love. We just need to stop over analyzing or questioning everything we are blessed with. If you have feelings for someone or better yet, you fall in love, then so be it. Admit it, enjoy it, seize it, treasure it! Period! End of story... =)
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