Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Letter to Tuhan (Part 3)

Dear Tuhan,

Apa kabar hari ini? It's been quite sometimes the last time I wrote You. It was on Dec 24, 2009 (Wow, it was christmas eve! hahaha. I really didn't realize that, but it didn't mean anything. You knew exactly why I wrote at that time. hehehe :)). 
Well, I guess You must be pretty busy with everything going on in this universe, but here is me, one of your little creatures want to send You a little message today. It has to and must be today. You know why...

Tuhan, I know I haven't been really grateful to all the blessings You've given me so far. I keep whining and complaining about every single thing without never giving my best effort to appreciate this one shot life I am living. My deepest apology to You, Sir! Thus, here's my writing to You as the list of what I think You definitely need to help me to make things better between US (which of course You know it already, obviously. It's just gonna be for the sake of my own good, so that I can remember what I ask to you today clearly well enough ^^)

1. Graduated in Mid of 2012 and Cum Laude
It's gonna take the hell out of me to make it happen, because as You know, I am just an average student and there are ZILLION things that are CAPABLE of distracting my focus of studying. Therefore, I really need your help on this. 

2. Obtained one of the scholarships to take master degree in Sustainability Development
I really want to contribute to the community and I think this may be the best tool. I want to prove not only to the world, but especially to myself that I am not just any other person. I am someone. I may be a little person, but still someone whom others may count on. 
Oh, and Tuhan... the place doesn't really matter to me. Seriously! I simply want the knowledge. As much as possible.

3. Financially independent
This one is actually the most urgent one.  So, it's gotta be as soon as possible.

4. Happy as it should be...
I guess make a peace with myself is what I need for now. Truthfully and honestly, I am tired of having this hard battle with myself, Tuhan. So please, If You would help me... please stop joking around with us! I am no good in any war or battle, neither is myself. We are the worst! You know that. Just make everything as simple as possible. I am gonna be very thankful to You for this.
From all of those above, the most important is that I just simply want to make my parents happy. They are my all and everything. Nothing really matter if I can't make them happy, because I always think that I am alone, all by myself here, but then I realize that there are these people who NEVER gonna leave no matter what I do or what I say. So yeah, Tuhan. Please. Please.Please. Please. Please. Show me how, lead me to the way, help me to struggle for it!

Well, it isn't so much to ask to You, is it? Hehehe. Terima kasih banyak. You are the best, Tuhan! HIGH FIVE!!! ;)