Friday, April 15, 2011

Conversation of Life and Love: 3rd part

There was this one time. There was life and there was love. Accidentally love gave life a visit…


Looking so surprised, life shouted a little: “Love! What makes you come here… again?”

Love replied with a quite confused face: “I come here to you after all these times and all you can say is just that? For heaven sake, Life!”

Life: “Indeed… I wasn’t expecting you at all. It’s so surprising!”

Love: “Well, it always happens this way, right? We both never know when, why, or how about my visit.”

Life: “That’s true, but you know what? Your visit, whether it’s a long one or not, always make me thinking and imagining in a constant and unstable way. I don’t like that.”

Love slightly punched life’s shoulder while saying: “Hey, Life! It all depends on you.”

Life emotionally and satirically replied: “Yeah, right! As if I am not unfair enough as a person. Everything always seems unfair to me, because every time you come to me, I know eventually I have to let you go. It hurts, it’s bitter, but I’ve got to be tough for myself, at least. Thus, it does NOT depend on me, Love.”

Love: “Okay, okay. I got your point. My question is if you know already that at the end you have to let me go away from you, why can’t you just simply embrace my presence? At least while I’m still here. I am quite sure you probably think it will be so harmful for your heart to do it, but don’t you want to take that risk? Come on! Admit it! YOU ARE LIFE! It is your part to take the risk, struggle, work your ass off, and get the big shit jerk along the way. I am sorry, but it’s true, right?”

Life realized that what love said was true, so life just nodded and added: “Yeah…”

With a bright smile, love held life tightly: “At least for now, my dearest best friend… We have our moment together when we agree on living harmoniously while I am still here.”

Slowly, life put a little smile on the face and said: “Hmm, yeah. While you are still here…”

Love: “And you are going to remember it as the time when love was here.”

Life: “Yes, the time when love was here… when you were here. Thanks, love!”

Love smiled again: “You are very much welcome, life!”