Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Folks, people, everyone... Happy New Year 2010! Wishing you all a brighter new year. Enjoy your last moment with the 2009 and get ready with your resolutions!

Monday, December 28, 2009

(Passion of Traveling) February - March 2010

Hopefully next year, in 2010, I can give myself a big treat by traveling around Java and some part of Nusa Tenggara Timur (eastern part of Indonesia) . I am still searching for some info's, but haven't bought or booked anything yet because still waiting for my graduation.
So, I'll start my journey in February and here's my estimated schedule
10 - 28 February: Nusa Tenggara Timur (Kupang, Flores Island, and Sumba Island)

Kupang, the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Timur

the photo is courtesy of

Kelimutu, three - colored crater lake in Flores Island

the photo is courtesy of

I am thinking to go to Sumba in February because in this month and also March, they usually have a very cultural yet particular event in West Sumba called Pasola, which is an ancient war ritual festival by two groups of selected Sumbanese men. They ride their colorful decorated selected horses fling wooden spears at each other. This traditional ceremony held in the way of uniquely and sympathetically traditional norms. (from


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Around March: Tegal and Pekalongan (still thinking of other cities)

Though, I like traveling alone, but you're welcome to join me, because that way makes it less expensive. Later in January, I'll post the exact itinerary and estimated budget for each destination. So get your backpack ready! =)

What's next on 2010?

2009... New Year... New Dreams need to be fulfilled... I'd made some and believe that God will help me finding the way to achieve long as I keep struggling and fighting. These are my objectives of the year:
1. Graduating from college

2. Traveling abroad at least once

3. Finding out what I want to do in the future for living
Hopefully by the end of this year, those will be already accomplished...Crossing my fingers!

On the 1st of January 2009, I wrote the above entry and you know
what? None of them I had accomplished in 2009. However, I think this year, I can and I surely will. In fact... I can check the first one out of the list, because finally... after that pretty damn (too) long period of college, I graduated some days ago. So it left me with the other two, traveling abroad and job. Well, it's still March and I think I already on my way to get them or at least one of them, so I think this year is gonna be great. Just wait for my next entries, maybe I'm gonna add the list more... So exciting! 

Friday, December 25, 2009

...Buon Natale...

...Feliz Navidad...
...Merry Christmas...
...Selamat Hari Natal...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Letter to Tuhan (part 2)

Terima kasih banyak Tuhan... Atas begitu banyak bantuan yang selalu diberikan. Terima kasih. Ini semua berkah dari Mu.

at 02.52 am at home and finally have finished the final report

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Italia, 2004 (2a Parte)

At a bus station, waiting with other AFS students to go to our very 1st orientation camp in Alghero, Sardinia. It was in October 2003.

*the photo is courtesy of Anadel Rodriguez (Dominican Republic). Grazie!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Italia, 2004 (1a Parte)

Thinking of writing something about my experience when I was in Italy, but I know I don't have much time now, so I just uploaded this photo. This is when I was in Ivrea, Piedmont (Piemonte, in italian) after getting the second place on a photography competition. I decided to do a traditional dance, so I brought all the stuff and then... there I was, with the two photos I took that had brought me to Ivrea and of course, dressed in Indonesian traditional dancing costume =)

The L.A.M.B.

While I was working on my internship report or laporan magang in bahasa few days ago, I found a good short form of its name. The L.A.M.B. or... Laporan Akhir Magang B....... (Fill in the blank as your mood mode). It could be "bagus", or "baik", or "bermakna", but anytime my relationship with it gets worse, my mood gets worse too and surely you know I can make that B... into something even "better"... hahahhahaha. Yeah, whatever!
Well, well, well. I just need to put a little bit more strength to finish this hard-to-bite lamb chop. Forza!

at 23.14 pm at home and still finishing the final report

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Letter to Tuhan (Part 1)

Dear Tuhan,

Apa kabar hari ini Tuhan??? Aku yakin selalu baik... Aku percaya itu.
Tuhan yang selalu baik, sudah lama aku ingin menulis surat ini kepada Tuhan. Tapi baru sekarang aku sempatkan, karena hari ini Tuhan telah, sekali lagi dan untuk kesekian kalinya, menyadarkan aku pada indahnya bersujud dan berserah pada Mu, bersandar pada Mu. Pada damainya berpelukan dengan sajadah Mu. Pada hangatnya bercengkerama dengan diri Mu.

Tuhan, jangan pernah tinggalkan diri ini. Tolong. Genggam terus tangan ini. Tolong.

Ah Tuhan, terima kasih untuk semua ini... Rasa ini, air mata ini, cobaan... Bukan! Jalan menuju kebahagiaan ini. Ya, itu dia. untuk jalan menuju yang terbaik ini. Terima kasih.

at 22.35 pm at home and while finishing the final report