Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

Some months ago, I put myself drowning into this one thought of a failure, or a broken heart, or an unsuccessful attempt. Let me ask you something, how many times has it happened to you? Once (I believe not)? Twice? Multiple times? Or… Countless times? I’m pretty sure that all of us must have been there at least once, but those of you who have been there for so, so many times, don’t you wonder why does that shi**y situation keep coming at you over and over again? Don’t you think that you’ve got already enough of that? Don’t you think that you’ve fallen enough till’ you have no... idea how tiring this make you? 
Frankly saying, I do. However, keep questioning will get you nowhere. 
I once asked my mom those same questions and she answered by saying that (Oh, I am so blessed for having such a consoling mother)... For every fall you get, means that you deserve an upgrade. If you think it's kind of a technical upgrading, then yeah, you're there. So actually, God is simply like your computer repairer. He needs to run some test first before He is sure that you are compatible for a better and newer version of... you. Well, I believe He already knows that, but do you? You see, that is exactly why you have to be aware that disguises are just some hidden blessings. I didn't say that, but Rumi did. I am just quoting. Hehehe.   
So, stop questioning, people! Be sad, angry, or mad if you need to. Take all the time you need to seize and release it, but remember! When you're done with the emotions, thank God first and then start to MOVE ON. You don't wanna miss the blessings you're about to get, do you? So come on, keep going! They're not gonna go anywhere. They're just looking forward to meeting you :)

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